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Birthdate:May 1, 1983
Location:United States of America

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100 words, 30 rock, agent coulson, albus dumbledore, alternate universe, amy pond, angel, ao3, arrested development, arya stark, asoiaf, avengers, awesome names, baseball, battlestar galactica, bbc america, best friends, big bangs, black widow, books, brienne of tarth, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, captain america, captain marvel, carol danvers, castiel, cat gifs, challenges, character studies, clint barton, comics, community, crossovers, daenerys targaryen, dark angel, dc comics, dean winchester, doctor who, donna noble, drabbles, draco malfoy, dragons, elf, english literature, fandom, fandom wanking, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, femslash, firefly, flip-flops and hoodies, fluff, futurama, game of thrones, geekdom, gen, gen fic, ghostbusters, gone with the wind, grammar, grumpy angels, harry potter, hawkeye, hermione granger, het, high functioning sociopaths, hogwarts, howard stark, indiana jones trilogy, iron man, james potter, james rhodes, james tiberius kirk, jessica drew, jo harvelle, john watson, joss whedon, jurassic park, kara thrace, katniss everdeen, kaylee frye, khaaaaaaannnnnn!, khan noonien singh, leslie knope, liberal politics, liz lemon, loki, lord of the rings, lucius malfoy, luna lovegood, marauders era, martha jones, marvel comics, minerva mcgonagall, monty python, muppets, narcissa malfoy, natasha romanoff, neville longbottom, notebooks, nymphadora tonks, odd couples, parks and rec, parks and recreation, peggy carter, pepper potts, pon farr, porn, princess bride, prompts, quidditch, reading, red she-hulk, remus lupin, river tam, sam winchester, samantha carter, sci-fi, science fiction, serenity, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sirius black, slash, spelling, spider-man, spider-woman, spock, sports night, star trek, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, steve rogers, strong women, subtext, supernatural, the west wing, thor, tony stark, torchwood, tropes, wee!chesters, weirdos rule the world, wonder woman, writing, zoe washburne
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